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Mulugeta Kassahun, MD, FACS


Robotic Surgery

Dr Kassahun is a urology surgeon in Las Vegas

Dr. Mulugeta Kassahun was born and raised in Ethiopia until he came to the US as a refugee. Before immigrating to the US, Dr. Kassahun spent years fighting with the rebels in Ethiopia as a young teen during the Derg era. He speaks English and Ambaric, his native language.

Dr. Kassahun arrived in Denver, Colorado in 1984. He began working and taking classes at local colleges. He eventually enrolled at the University of Colorado – Boulder, graduating magna cum laude in 1990 with a pharmacy degree. He worked a pharmacist in Denver for four years until medicine called.

In 1994, Dr. Kassahun decided to pursue a medical degree at the University of Wisconsin – Madison and became interested in urology, especially laparoscopy and robotic surgery. He received his medical degree in 1998, followed by an internship in general surgery and residency training in urology at the University of Rochester in New York, where he also served as chief resident.

During medical school, Dr. Kassahun joined the US Army Reserves. He served two tours of duty in a military hospital setting in Germany (2005) and Iraq (2007). He wasn’t there to fight this time, though. He wanted to provide medical care for the soldiers.

In search of a warmer climate, Dr. Kassahun moved to Las Vegas in 2004 and joined Urology Specialists of Nevada. He performed the first da Vinci surgery at Summerlin Hospital Medical Center in 2008 and was named one of Vegas Inc’s “Top Docs” in 2012.

A self-described workaholic, Dr. Kassahun enjoys soccer, volleyball, jogging, and reading non-fiction whenever he has a chance.

Dr. Kassahun’s story, The Surgeon Soldier, was featured on VegasInc.com. You can read it by following the link.